Call Max Unlimited Deals

All Telkom Business Mobile offerings and deals are applicable to business customers only.

Call Max Unlimited Deals

Call Max Unlimited Deals

Call Max Unlimited Deals

Unlimited Voice Deals
Contract Call Max Unlimited
SIM Only
Call Max Unlimited
(with Nokia Lumia 920)
Call Max Unlimited
(with Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone)
Call Max Unlimited
(with BlackBerry® Z10)
R1 199 pm
R1 499 pm
R1 499 pm
R1 599 pm
Contract Term 24 months 24 months 24 months 24 months
Device SIM Only Nokia Lumia 920 Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone BlackBerry® Z10
Inclusive mins Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data 0 0 2GB BBM
SIM and Connection Fee Free Free Free Free
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Deals available to registered businesses only - T&Cs apply


Call Max Unlimited Terms and Conditions

The Unlimited Voice All-Net product offering is available on a promotion as a new 24 months Post-Paid plan.

This promotion is only be available at 8ta Flagship, Telkom Direct Shop, Telkom8ta, and through Telkom Direct Sales Representatives for a limited period only, starting 1 November 2012 and ending 31 January 2013.(Note: Telkom Business reserves the right to terminate or extend this promotion without prior notice.)

The Unlimited Voice All-Net offering is based on a SIM only plan (No device included) and is also available on handset deals.

The Unlimited Voice All-Net offering shall only be available on a 24 month contract. Once the contract has matured, the service shall continue to run month to month until such time the customer decides to migrate, convert or terminate the service. (The existing Conversion, Migration and Termination business rules apply).

This offer is available to all new and existing Telkom Business customers as a new service; and supports Mobile Number Port-ins.

Existing Telkom Business customers shall not be able to migrate or convert to the Unlimited Voice All-Net product offering.

The package has a 24 month agreement with a monthly subscription rate of R1199.00 including VAT.

The package offers the benefit of unlimited voice calling to any national mobile network including Telkom Fixed line and Neotel. The package excludes data and SMS, subscribers will need to purchase once off/recurring bundles or use at out of bundle rates.

All existing once-off/recurring internet data bundles are available for purchase on the Unlimited Voice All-Net plan excluding promotional bundles i.e.: 60+60 and 2+1.

All International and premium rated calls shall be excluded from the unlimited calling benefit.

All International roaming rates apply in International roaming situations.

All existing once off/recurring SMS bundles are available for purchase on the Unlimited Voice All-Net plan.

Acceptable usage policy: Telkom Business shall proactively monitor the traffic on the Unlimited Voice All-Net SIM for the following deviations:

  • a) The SIM shall not be used for purposes of least cost routing, international bypass, payphones or call centres.
  • b) The SIM shall only be used on the device provided as part of the deal on a 24 month contract or IMEI supplied at a point of purchase in case of BYO/SIM only offer.

Telkom Business will regard the above as fraudulent activity and suspend the service immediately pending an investigation. (Note: Telkom Business reserves the right to suspend/terminate this service when any fraudulent activity is suspected).

Telkom Business reserves the right to downgrade this service when abuse is detected, to a price equivalent service (Contract 10S).

Telkom business reserves the right at any time to terminate this offer without prior notification.